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[SND]tifa_piano.mp32011-02-24 21:34 1270k
[SND]owa3-final.mp32011-02-24 21:35 9781k
[SND]honeybee_manor_piano_solo.mp32011-02-24 21:34 8799k
[SND]FFVII - 1-20 Still More Fighting REDUX.mp32011-02-24 21:30 4634k
[SND]FFVII - 1-10 Fighting REDUX.mp32011-02-24 21:28 3131k
[SND]4-18 Staff Roll.mp32011-02-24 21:28 16656k
[SND]4-17 World Crisis.mp32011-02-24 21:26 19545k
[SND]4-16 One-Winged Angel.mp32011-02-24 21:18 16868k
[SND]4-16 One-Winged Angel REDUX.mp32011-02-24 21:15 16409k
[SND]4-15 The Birth of God.mp32011-02-24 21:09 10484k
[SND]4-14 Jenova Absolute.mp32011-02-24 21:05 9128k
[SND]4-13 Judgement Day.mp32011-02-24 21:02 9428k
[SND]4-12 The Mako Cannon is Fired.mp32011-02-24 20:58 2202k
[SND]4-11 If You Open Your Heart.mp32011-02-24 20:59 6560k
[SND]4-10 The Countdown Begins.mp32011-02-24 20:55 2194k
[SND]4-09 Sending a Dream Into The Universe.mp32011-02-24 20:56 6930k
[SND]4-09 Sending a Dream Into The Universe REDUX.mp32011-02-24 20:54 3725k
[SND]4-08 Hurry Faster!.mp32011-02-24 20:52 6538k
[SND]4-07 On the Other Side of the Mountain.mp32011-02-24 20:48 3375k
[SND]4-06 Off The Edge of Despair.mp32011-02-24 20:52 9819k
[SND]4-05 Parochial Town.mp32011-02-24 20:46 5327k
[SND]4-04 A Secret, Sleeping in the Deep Sea.mp32011-02-24 20:46 9563k
[SND]4-03 Highwind Takes to the Skies.mp32011-02-24 20:43 8218k
[SND]4-02 Weapon Raid.mp32011-02-24 20:40 6422k
[SND]4-01-Shinra Army Wages a Full Scale Attack.mp32011-02-24 20:38 4038k
[SND]3-23 Who Am I.mp32011-02-24 20:35 1890k
[SND]3-22 Reunion.mp32011-02-24 20:34 8356k
[SND]3-21 The Great Northern Cave.mp32011-02-24 20:37 14661k
[SND]3-21 - The Great Northern Cave REDUX.mp32011-02-24 20:30 2880k
[SND]3-20 Buried in the Snow.mp32011-02-24 20:29 5723k
[SND]3-19 Aerith's Theme.mp32011-02-24 20:28 10403k
[SND]3-18 You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet.mp32011-02-24 20:25 8770k
[SND]3-17 Forest Temple.mp32011-02-24 20:22 4350k
[SND]3-16 Interupted by Fireworks.mp32011-02-24 20:20 6149k
[SND]3-15 Debut.mp32011-02-24 20:20 5639k
[SND]3-14 Tango of Tears.mp32011-02-24 20:16 1734k
[SND]3-13 A Great Success.mp32011-02-24 20:15 1818k
[SND]3-12 Fiddle de Chocobo.mp32011-02-24 20:17 6421k
[SND]3-11 Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets.mp32011-02-24 20:13 2202k
[SND]3-10 Stolen Materia.mp32011-02-24 20:12 3447k
[SND]3-09 Wutai.mp32011-02-24 20:14 10173k
[SND]3-08 Steal the Tiny Bronco.mp32011-02-24 20:08 3179k
[SND]3-07 Cid's Theme.mp32011-02-24 20:10 7319k
[SND]3-06 The Nightmare's Beginning.mp32011-02-24 20:06 7359k
[SND]3-05 Those Chosen By The Planet.mp32011-02-24 20:06 7330k
[SND]3-04 Descendant of Shinobi.mp32011-02-24 20:01 6343k
[SND]3-03 Great Warrior.mp32011-02-24 20:02 7632k
[SND]3-02 Lifestream.mp32011-02-24 19:58 7281k
[SND]3-01 Cosmo Canyon.mp32011-02-24 19:57 8119k
[SND]2-21 Sandy Badlands.mp32011-02-24 19:53 6265k
[SND]2-20 Cait Sith.mp32011-02-24 19:53 8132k
[SND]2-20 Cait Sith REDUX.mp32011-02-24 19:49 4203k
[SND]2-20 Cait Sith REDUX REDUX.mp32011-02-24 19:49 4242k
[SND]2-20 Cait Sith BRUSH REDUX.mp32011-02-24 19:47 4203k
[SND]2-19 Gold Saucer.mp32011-02-24 19:46 4351k
[SND]2-19 Gold Saucer REDUX.mp32011-02-24 19:45 4313k
[SND]2-18 Mining Town.mp32011-02-24 19:43 3570k
[SND]2-17 Mark of the Traitor.mp32011-02-24 19:42 4079k
[SND]2-16 Costa Del Sol.mp32011-02-24 19:42 5560k
[SND]2-15 Continue.mp32011-02-24 19:39 3140k
[SND]2-14 J-E-N-O-V-A.mp32011-02-24 19:39 6071k
[SND]2-13 Trail of Blood.mp32011-02-24 19:37 4859k
[SND]2-12-It's Difficult to Stand Up on Both Feet, Isn't It.mp32011-02-24 19:36 7553k
[SND]2-11 Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony.mp32011-02-24 19:32 5092k
[SND]2-10 Fortress of the Condor.mp32011-02-24 19:34 8882k
[SND]2-10 - Fortress of the Condor REDUX.mp32011-02-24 19:29 1696k
[SND]2-09 Chasing the Black-Caped Man.mp32011-02-24 19:29 6696k
[SND]2-08 Cinco de Chocobo.mp32011-02-24 19:27 6775k
[SND]2-07 Electric de Chocobo.mp32011-02-24 19:25 5249k
[SND]2-06 Waltz de Chocobo.mp32011-02-24 19:22 1578k
[SND]2-05 Farm Boy.mp32011-02-24 19:23 6497k
[SND]2-04 On That Day, 5 Years Ago.mp32011-02-24 19:22 3940k
[SND]2-03 Goodnight, Until Tommorow.mp32011-02-24 19:20 639k
[SND]2-02 Ahead On Our Way.mp32011-02-24 19:19 8569k
[SND]2-01-FFVII Main Theme.mp32011-02-24 19:19 14508k
[SND]1-23-Holding My Thoughts in My Heart.mp32011-02-24 19:15 8727k
[SND]1-22 Crazy Motorcycle.mp32011-02-24 19:10 4310k
[SND]1-21-Red XIII's Theme.mp32011-02-24 19:11 5577k
[SND]1-20 Still More Fighting.mp32011-02-24 19:07 5132k
[SND]1-19-Infiltrating Shinra Tower.mp32011-02-24 19:08 8608k
[SND]1-18-Don of the Slums.mp32011-02-24 19:03 3531k
[SND]1-17-Who Are You.mp32011-02-24 19:04 5856k
[SND]1-16-Honeybee Manor.mp32011-02-24 19:01 8837k
[SND]1-14-Underneath the Rotting Pizza.mp32011-02-24 19:00 9033k
[SND]1-14 Underneath the Rotting Pizza REDUX.mp32011-02-24 18:55 4924k
[SND]1-13-Turk's Theme.mp32011-02-24 18:57 9195k
[SND]1-13 Turks Theme REDUX.mp32011-02-24 22:02 4689k
[SND]1-12-Flowers Blooming in the Church.mp32011-02-24 22:01 5951k
[SND]1-11-Fanfare.mp32011-02-24 21:57 1946k
[SND]1-11 - Fanfare REDUX.mp32011-02-24 21:56 380k
[SND]1-10 Fighting.mp32011-02-24 21:54 3434k
[SND]1-09-Shinra.mp32011-02-24 22:00 9118k
[SND]1-09 - Shinra REDUX.mp32011-02-24 18:48 1880k
[SND]1-08 Lurking in the Darkness.mp32011-02-24 18:48 5719k
[SND]1-07 Hurry!.mp32011-02-24 18:47 5680k
[SND]1-06-Barrett.mp32011-02-24 18:45 4321k
[SND]1-05-Tifa's Theme.mp32011-02-24 18:43 6275k
[SND]1-04-Anxious Heart.mp32011-02-24 18:43 9489k
[SND]1-03-Mako Reactor.mp32011-02-24 18:38 4325k
[SND]1-03 - Mako Reactor REDUX.mp32011-02-24 18:35 1506k
[SND]1-02-Bombing Mission.mp32011-02-24 18:39 14482k
[SND]1-02 Opening - Bombing Mission REDUX.mp32011-02-24 18:34 14967k
[SND]1-01-Prelude.mp32011-02-24 18:31 11195k
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