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The FFFTA3 project copyright 2009-2011 the FFFTA3 Dev Team. The FFFTA3 project is completely non-profit (in fact, zero budget - all expenses are out of pocket) and is in no way acting for commercial gain.

Final Fantasy, the Ivalice Alliance and the swathe of material of which FFFTA3 is derivative is copyright Square Enix. Please don't sue us - we're only doing this because we love your games as much as you do, and want to give back to that artistic effort in a way that is more meaningful than monetary transactions and sales figures. Just think before you choose to C&D, if you are thinking of it - we have everything to lose and you have nothing to gain. In fact, you may find that doing so will cause a backlash in the fanbase similar to what occured with the Chrono Trigger ROM hack shutdown [which I will concede is justified on the grounds of circumventing copyright protection, but that was an issue endemic to that particular case]. We're just a group of humble fans who wish to do things by the book, and if necessary call the fair use defense, which in our case is provably valid - the purpose and character of the work is intended to be transformative; the majority of the copyrighted content used is mostly as reference and setting, with a cast of almost entirely original characters [some reprises aside], and; the project does not depreciate the value of any SE project, as it will be published on a platform no Ivalice Alliance game has ever been published on [PC] and hence cannot replace them. Additionally, so heavily does it rely on the continuity of the previous [original] games that it is almost required for a player of FFFTA3 to play those originals first - arguably increasing the value of the original games.)
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